horsesHorses in the past were free to roam and collect their own herbs and medicinal plants they needed.  It is only since the time that we keep our horses on small acreages, or in stables, that we have taken this natural ability to self medicate away from them. 

Herbs play an enormous part in nutritional support since ancient times.  The herbs the horses would often seek are now shown through scientific research to assist in regenerating damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, support the immune system among the many other actions that herbs have on the body.

Many horses benefit by eating dried herbs in their feed on a daily basis, as a nutritional supplement, while others require special therapeutic formulas to treat certain health conditions.

Herbal knowledge and Horsewomanship are joined here to assist the horses in their health.  Rosie offers Herbal Consultations for your horse, along with Equine Body work for horses... and people too.

Herba-RX-Equine is new in the shire and offers treatments for horses throughout the Northern Rivers, although demand has had her travel to stables well beyond. A massage treatment can improve range of motion, performance and gait quality, prevent injury from muscle fatigue and improve stamina and circulation.

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